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Ally FLX.ARM.S16.Z10

Since January 1st, 2017 we've been importing the Flux Integration 'Ally' SCARA robotic arm. This american engineered marvel is suited for the most demanding tasks, requiring precision control over Z-axis movents, such as 3D printing, engraving, small component pick-and-place.

CEO Max van Rooij



Ally FLX.ARM.S16.Z10

Max. rotation shoulder ±95°
Max. rotation elbow ±155°
Max. translation Z-axis 10inch (250mm)
Reach X/Y plane 18 inch (400mm)
Reach Z-axis 10 inch (250mm)
Repetition accuracy 1/1000th inch (0.025mm)
Velocity X/Y plane 18 inch/s (450mm/s)
Velocity Z-axis 8 inch/s (200mm/s)
Power requirements 110 / 230 Vac 50/60Hz
Ethernet 100Mb/s
Payload 4.5kg (excl. tooling)
Cycle time 2.95s (1"-12"-1")
Motion controller Fully build in
Dimensions 178x156mm (footprint)
Weight 16kg (excl. tooling)

*specifications may change without prior notice