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Introducing the 'Smart Camera'

The iAVS-TI32 is a computer vision camera, dubbed Smart Camera for its on-board image processing capability. In essence, it's replacing a camera, a PC, a digital I/O board and all the cabling with a small all-in-one solution. The entire system is hardly any bigger than the raw camera itself, freeing up value space in the control cabinet. The build-in digital I/O's serve as a real-time PLC, enabling control tasks to be performed on the camera itself, with minimum or no need of an external PLC to handle vision results. The Smart Camera can take a picture, analyze the image to get measurements, evaluate the measurements and directly control e.g. an ejector based upon the outcome. A trigger sensor is not needed in most situations, because the Smart Camera can be made to 'self trigger' by quickly analyzing incoming images and decide which one to use for analyses.


Smart Cameras have many applications. They can be used to optically gauge, verify and assert just about anything. Typical usage includes:

  • Presence detection of clips, caps or lids 42%
  • Absence detection of scratches, contaminants and stains 38%
  • Verification of dimensions, radii and diameters 15%
  • Generating pick-'n'-place coordinates 5%

So which one?

Smart Cameras come in wide variety, differing in camera resolution, color or grey scale, number of I/O's, communication interfaces, processor speed, onboard memory capacity... and the list goes on and on. So do the iAVS/TI-32 Smart Cameras. Picking the right one can be a daunting task. How to do it right, well that is a story in its own right. Suffice to say that it is always smart to have clear understanding of what you want to be measured or checked and mostly why. Be prepared and have a solid understanding of the production process involved and were the stakes and benefits are. Our experts can then guide you to the proper Smart Camera solution!

Contact us for personalized advice on how to benefit from Smart Cameras in your application!