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On February 1st, we got the keys to our new offices and workshop! We spend February decorating, moving and furnishing the new place, so we can start working from March 1st. Of course, no new home is complete without a house warming party, so on March 4th we open up our new location for family, friends and the general curious who wants to know a bit more about us and our products. Besides our exiting products, we will also show our new innovations regarding 3D camera measurements and, of course, ALLY! Send us a message if you are interested, you’re welcome!

Celebrating 12 years

Not only do we show our new offices, but we also celebrate the fact we’re in business for 12 years! We registered van Rooij E.D.S.E on May 18th, 2005 with the Chamber-of-Commerce in Utrecht. Starting from a small attic in Houten as a pure electronics design and embedded software development service firm. Can you guess what E.D.S.E stands for? Yes, Electronics Design & Software Engineering. By 2007 most of the engineering requests revolved around computer vision, in which we have substantial expertise. In 2009 computer vision was so important, we deemed it necessary to develop our own Smart Camera, iAVS/TI-32. The camera was introduced on January 1st, 2010 and demoed on the Vision & Robotics trade show in June later that year. In 2014 the camera was changed to allow for the addition of a laser, so the camera is suited to do 3D measurements. Today, many of our customers use our camera exclusively for 3D related measurements.


So, what about the next 12 years? What can we expect from van Rooij E.D.S.E? More, of course! More sophisticated 3D camera technology, new camera models and robot technology. The Ally robot offering will be expanded. The 3D measuring, detecting and localization software will be enhanced and extended and, of course, we will see the introduction of A.I. in our products! But that will be a story on its own…

New website

Technology changes, locations change, products change. So does our website. The old website was modeled after the user interface of our camera, but we do so much more now, like hybrid camera / PC computing and robotics, that we decided to change our website to reflect all the changes and growth we have.

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