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Since January 1st, 2010 we've been building and selling the iAVS/TI-32 'Smart Camera'. The fully machined alluminium body containing all the imaging and image processing hardware makes this camera unique in its class. Being freely programmable by the end user, means this camera can perform a wide variety of tasks such as measuring dimensions, checking presence of parts and sub assemblies, gauging dimensions and, of course, generating pick-and-place coordinates for robots.

CEO Max van Rooij




Focal distance (variable) 100mm upto 1500mm
View length 25mm upto 1000mm
View width 16mm upto 640mm
Max. rotation about the Z-axis ±360°
Accuracy length ±0.01mm upto ±mm
Accuracy width ±0.01mm upto ±0.1mm
Accuracy about the Z-axis ±0.02°
Image sensor CMOS - Monochrome or RGB
Resolution 752x480 pixels
Lens mount C mount lens
Max. full image measurements 60 per second
Light source LED (fluorescent optional)
Ethernet 100Mb/s
On-board image processor 4800MIPS DSP
Dimensions 10cm x 7cm x 5cm (excl. lens)
Weight 0.298kg (excl. lens)
Motorized transport 2m/s

*specifications may change without prior notice